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 Post subject: Trigger music with bombs and text zones
PostPosted: Wed 16 Dec 2015, 23:53 
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Today I coded in the ability to load multiple music tracks, cross fade between them and trigger them to play in the map editor. You can now assign a musical track to zombie bombs and text zones. When the bomb is completed or the text zone is triggered the new track will start playing. You can configure the volume and if it will crossfade fast or slow. Slow cross fading will also syncronise the beats between the old and new track. I've also put a new volume slider in the options menu to specifically control in-game music volume. Pretty cool!

All I need to do is actually make some music now. This shouldn't be too hard because it won't be as detailed or developed as the menu music. More ambient and simple stuff. A quiet steady beat.. a fast drum smash, something chill, something scary, etc. Once I make these tracks I'll chuck them into the 3 maps I've made so far and then release v0.994 woo! Very excited to see if all my theorizing about giving newbies something to play will actually work. We shall see.

Now I did have one other pretty awesome idea for this music. What if it played DYNAMICALLY during a PvP game? Obviously this would be optional and could be completely disabled by turning the in-game music volume to 0. And I know most people like listening to their own music when playing. But it could still be a really cool feature to add. Especially if I can get the algorithm right. Imagine if you're playing and you're quietly sniping and some steady yet chilled beat starts playing. Then you hop into a vehicle and some sweet driving music hits (or even a radio!!). Then when you start taking damage and shooting your gun some action music kicks in to get your adrenalin racing. I know RTS games do this sorta thing once your base is under attack etc. Would be a bit harder in MF due to the very short time to kill, but something to think about.

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 Post subject: Re: Trigger music with bombs and text zones
PostPosted: Thu 17 Dec 2015, 00:03 
Crimea is ours!
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reminds me of l4d (check out what happens on special infected attacks in l4d2)

absolutely yes except for where u ll get music ?

quality requirements are way higher than for some easy level loading tunes ya know

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