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 Post subject: Overwatch
PostPosted: Thu 05 May 2016, 13:00 
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Game releases the 24th, has a nice few days of open beta atm till the 9th. My first impression is pretty good. Nearly missed my spanish final cuz of it. So, here's my thoughts of it. Anyone else tried it?

For a modern day blizzard game, my laptop actually has a good framerate. Most of the hero abilities are ridiculous. Graphics are cartoonish. It has a bare bones tutorial with a training range and AI mock fights to get a feel of the game. It's a fast paced shooter, with options to be an ultra tank.

Seriously, one character is a mecha, that on death, you become the pilot with just a pistol. After a bit of time/fighting, you can summon a new mecha at full health. Also, your pilot is freaking tiny and impossible to hit with bullets if you bunny hop. The mecha can also fly for 2s intervals. I basically fly to whoever is isolated(snipers) and duel them, then die, then kill someone, then new mech, repeat.

Sniper crit shots, killed the before-mentioned mecha in 2 shots (like 2 seconds) and the pilot immediately after. The mecha has shotguns as weapons... Bastion's Minigun DPS. As epic as it is, once setup it will shrek any number of people standing infront of it. I use it when not using mecha lady.

Game has a loot system, granted it's 4 items per box and so far it feels pretty reasonable. That is, until the game actually releases and puts in micro transactions. And it will probably have a hero unlock similair to League of Legends. Speculation here though.

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 Post subject: Re: Overwatch
PostPosted: Thu 05 May 2016, 13:53 
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I haven't followed it too closely but it's it kinda like a first person Mutant Factions? Shooter with skills? Looks a bit like Team Fortress.

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