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 Post subject: Test of Font Size
PostPosted: Tue 15 Mar 2016, 03:58 
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So this is the largest, 200.This is the smallest, 1. So apparently I can write entire paragraphs under the font size 1, and it appears practically invisible. I am a very modern model of a modern major general, I've knowledge animal vegetable and mineral. I dadadaadaad quote the fights historical, from the dadada to the waterloo, in order categorical. Actually, I wonder... Quick Review
Based on today's games, my build is officially bull shrimp. Primarily, Lasing Orb with Dash 4. Lasing orb at level 1/2 is pretty much a passive that requires you to use barrier all the time. Considering the mana regen of it, and every sustain passive in the game, I basically convert max mana into max hp. With Bloody Gains 4, that's about 240 hp.

Now, lasing 1 is probably faster than such a heavy bg can run. Even then mobility is a concern, so to solve that, I picked up Dash 4 with invis 1. It's essentially a sprint that can be used in any situation, provided i can pay the mana cost.

For weapon choice, the SAW or AK are the best. With phasic, the Saw becomes the ultimate spray and pray, and with focus becomes absolutely terrifying. The AK on the other hand, has perfect accuracy while using barrier, which for me, is all the time. M60 and M4A1 are kind of an upgrade, but not really worth the extra 2k.

Because I'm so money efficient, it'd be glorious in a conquest game. Otherwise, I can just pop a Bionic Gas wherever I want and play god. This part is easily counterable by long range warfare and close range burst damage. The latter poses more risk than reward.

Actual Balance Discussion
I think Bionic Gas is fine, but it can be quite a stomp tool. I think Lasing and Dash are the primary breaks of my build. You're already addressing the passive sustains. With Lasing 2, I have incredible mana regen, a slight damage increase(I estimate 16%), and safer movement by relying on barrier to absorb damage with increased barrier move speed. Ordinarily I'd just be outran and never get a chase kill. But with Dash 4 applying to Lasing, I can keep pace around corners quite easily. Also makes a fun troll for camping areas.

I'd also like to note Uzi/Frenzy would do quite well against me. Mostly because of how the SC penalty worked, it'd prolong the fight a bit longer for Frenzy to take full effect, and from there he'd just go on a killstreak.

Size 1 Font is ridiculous...

DISCLAIMER; Thoust hereith claim I grammer and spelling to be of that which is not of or in but as with above most yet least excellent sarcastic. Not yours, my. IE; dibs.

I do have a life. I'm just trying really hard to not have one.

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