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 Post subject: Gobbling Turkey's Top 5 Meta list [Ver 0.997]
PostPosted: Tue 28 Mar 2017, 10:28 
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So here is my egotistic way of discussing meta and what I think to be the most effective things in the game. Whether it be a gun, skill, vehicle, or chemical, something that just seems to overperform consistently despite it's drawbacks. Just not super weapons, because the ammo cost is really only worth it in Battle Mode or a desperate event.

#5 The skill Venom Shot. If you're careless, the penalty makes the skill in favor of the target. But if you're careful, it is a very solid level 1 skill to have. Pair this with Flare Gun and you have a very annoying hit and run ability for little investment. Can also give you a bit of long range fighting chance if you're using a close ranged weapon. Not something I'd say is overpowered, but just quite good if used correctly.

#4 The skill Regen. Basically just an early warning around corners. Almost everyone uses at least one point in this skill for every build. The actual healing it does makes it's penalty quite ignorable at lower levels. Perhaps larger games will make it less valuable when people are spamming frenzy and radars and shockwave and whatnot.

#3 The weapon Ruger. I like to think this is a cheaper equivalent of the M4A1, but it is quite different. It has great accuracy even while moving, good damage if you don't miss a shot, increased damage against vehicles, increased vision range, increased damage the further it goes, and higher movement speed than most other weapons.. It's only drawback really is it's rate of fire, which is still pretty good for the damage it does.

#2 The skill Forcefields. I ignored it for so long... But it makes a huge difference on it's own. Against any but the most accurate(snipers) enemies, forcefields is better to use than the default barrier. Espicially if you have bloody gains or also barrier as well, as it will cover your larger hitbox. The explosion damage is also useful for finishing off someone or dealing with vehicles, if you can time it right. The 15 mana to activate it is well worth the equivalent of blocking the same bullet with barrier. And you can use the two together!

#1 The weapon M4A1. This weapon is a vet favorite, because of accuracy on the move, DPS, and nearly absent fall off. It competes against every weapon except in their extreme circumstances, like a sniper that outranges you, or the Uzi in your face. Unless you're dedicating to something else or can't afford it, you'll want to have this. Although, I think this is mostly intentional that the Assault Rifles are the 'middle ground' weapon, it's a bit ridiculous just how much ground it covers.

Honorable mentions to Blade Fury, Pickup, Camper, and Sonar Cells. The former three were just nerfed appropriately, think bladefury with sniper range and one man pickup drive bys, or why buy a flatbed when camper has enough health already. Sonar Cells is pretty impressive to just litter around, but in a larger game I imagine it'll be even more risk vs reward.

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