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 Post subject: Changes for v1.050
PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug 2017, 05:41 
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If there are less than 6 players in a Conquest or Battle server, the playing area in the map will shrink down. Harmful electricity will cover the outer areas of the map, forcing players to stay in a smaller area near the centre. This will make PvP a lot more active when the server has few players in it. It will be much easier to find enemies when the playing area is so much smaller, resulting in more active PvP games.

Barrier has been completely reworked and simplified. Barrier is no longer linked to your mana pool. Instead, holding barrier will simply reduce incoming damage down to 75%. You now only have 100hp, but barrier will protect those hitpoints. For example, a 100hp shotgun blast will only deal 75hp if you hold barrier before it. Barrier also burns mana at a constant rate of 3 mana/s. To compensate for this lack of barrier protection, most weapons now do 80% as much damage as before.

I've added a lot more blood and gore to the game now, making enemies far more satisfying to kill. Whereas before you'd see a single tiny blood decal, now the surrouding area gets painted red whenever you kill a baddie.

Kill Coins have been removed from the game, as has the "Top Combo" reward at the end of each stage. We're now back to the old system where the higher your combo value, the more cash you earn on each individual kill. But there is a big change. Ordinary kills no longer increase your kill combo. To increase your kill combo you need to get special kills, which will increase your combo multiplier by x0.1. This requires a lot more skill to build your combo. Another big change is that your combo never times out - it will last until you hit the next bomb.

So what are these special kills? An ordinary kill will not increase your kill combo. But you can add x0.1 to the multiplier value if you get one of these new kill types: Stealth Kill, Quick Kill, Road Kill and Skill Kill. Even better if you get a Double Kill, Triple Kill or Quad Kill it will increase by x0.2, and if you play really well and get a Multi Kill then your combo will increase by a massive x0.3 allowing for massive combos. To get a double, triple, quad or multi kill you must kill guards within 2 seconds of eachother.

In the campaign skill penalties are 100% disabled, making your skill builds a lot more powerful, easy and fun. This option is also now available in PvP servers too! It will probably be extremely broken and unbalanced, but as long as it's not ranked it's all good. Lots of OP builds to explore!

There's a new guard type who carries a red backpack full of explosive chemicals. When you kill him he explodes, dealing 50hp damage to nearby players and 150hp to nearby guards. More importantly, the explosion noise will alert nearby enemies, causing them to charge at you. The order that you now kill enemy guards matters, as killing an exploding guard too early will make you have to fight multiple enemies at once.

The bevels on nearby map objects will now glow in a light blue if you are able to jump onto them. This is really useful to know which boxes you can and cannot jump onto. For example, a box 2m high will have the blue outline, but a box 2.5m high will not. The top down view made it almost impossible to know this before, and this change should really help newbie jump around the map.

The game now uses a new default font, instead of boring ungamey arial.
Dedicated campaign servers now reset to standard difficulty if the server is empty.
Neutralizing is no longer required by the Newbie Checklist.
Spectating will default to a player instead of free-look mode now.
Cash bubbles now occur where you kill your enemy rather than floating above your head, making the cash rewards easier to see.
Capturers now display with a blue smoke instead of red.
Text bubbles now animate the text, instead of displaying it all at the same time.
There's now a little bit of screen recoil whenever you shoot.

Sprint speed is now 160% instead of 150%.

Skills no longer have penalties in Stealth mode.
Guards now show a little exclaimation mark above their heads when they're first alerted.
You will take a $200 penalty whenever you die.
The bomb explosion can't destroy a vehicle if player is inside it.
Dying in co-op during a zombie phase switches you to zombie (instead of just sitting there watching).
Guards turn speed is now a bit slower.
Guards typically now only engage you once they get direct LOS to you, but after this they keep chasing you.
Guards prefer not to jump over boxes now if it's possible to run around it instead.

All skills that used to cost 15 mana now cost 20 mana.

Regeneration max mana is now 80/70/60/50/40 instead of 90/80/70/60/50.

Self Repair mana cost is now 30 instead of 20.
Self Repair range is now 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5 instead of 2/2.5/3/3.5/4.
Self Repair regen is now 15/20/25/30/35 instead of 10/15/20/25/30.
Self Repair burn is now 6/9/12/15/18 instead of 3/6/9/12/15.

Energize no longer awards cash.
Energize ammo burn is now 130/140/150/160/170% instead of 140/150/160/170/180%.

Static Charges required damage is now 8/7/6/5/4 instead of 14/12/10/8/6.
Static Charges removes the barrier burn penalty on your victims.

Lasing Orb won't suffer from the 3 mana/s barrier burn penalty.

Super weapons now do 50% more damage vs zombies.

USP damage is now 13 instead of 16.

Deagle damage is now 20 instead of 24.

Flare Gun flame duration is now 3s instead of 4s.

Taser damage is now 20 instead of 24.

UZI damage is now 16 instead of 20.

MP5 damage is now 16 instead of 20.

Nailgun damage is now 16 instead of 20.

M3 damage is now 108 instead of 112.
M3 rpm is now 90 instead of 100.
M3 now does x1.05 damage vs guards.

SPAS damage is now 60 instead of 77.
SPAS now does x1.05 damage vs guards.

Blast Cannon damage is now 44 instead of 52.

AK47 damage is now 20 instead of 25.

M4A1 damage is now 15 instead of 19.

Seek Rifle damage is now 18 instead of 24.

M249 damage is now 19 instead of 23.

M60 damage is now 26 instead of 32.

Minigun damage is now 16 instead of 20.

Ruger damage is now 40 instead of 45.
Ruger movement speed is now 0.90 instead of 0.95.

Barrett damage is now 60 instead of 65.

Photon Beam damage is now 50 instead of 60.

Flamethrower damage is now 7 instead of 8.

Fixed a bug where the mouse was too sensitive.
Fixed a bug where mini-checkpoints wouldn't always trigger in coop.
Fixed a camera zoom issue with rotating vehicle camera.
Fixed a bug with smoke bomb view ranges.
Optimised netcode performance a bit.

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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