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 Post subject: Changes for v0.999
PostPosted: Sun 09 Apr 2017, 02:34 
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Singleplayer menu is now called Campaign (as coop is an option).
Added a loading bar for when you first start up the game.
Holding ALT no longer shows the full skill menu, you have to hover over the bar up the top first to pull it down. This allows you to ping the map easier.
Left clicking the ALT skills menu now only puts skills into the skill. To queue skills you must right click. Middle click for synergies.
Improved the first page of the F10 menu.

Buying a capturer is now restricted. You (or your team) must earn a certain amount of money before you're allowed to purchase the Capturer. In team games this money is shared among the team and scales based on the team size. The amount required is configurable by the server but defaults to $10000 per person. In a 5v5 game for example, each team would need to earn a combined $50k before the Capturer became unlocked.
Capturer now costs $5000 from both base and spawn instead of $25000.
Capturing points is now worth 20 instead of 10 score. Score is divided among teammates based on the cash they contributed to the team total.
Team cash scaling is removed. Everyone now gets a fixed rate (default $2000/m) regardless of team or server size.
Allies holding the capturer are now shown as green in the minimap.

UZI bullet speed is now 55 instead of 60.
UZI recoil is now 1.5 instead of 1.4.
UZI movement recoil is now 5 instead of 4.5.

Spas range is now 22 instead of 25.
Spas movement speed is now 0.92 instead of 0.95.

M249 spread is now 3.5 instead of 3.2.

M60 spread is now 3 instead of 3.2.
M60 bullet speed is now 90 instead of 80.

Increased the guard difficulty a little bit.
Toned down the bullet pushback when holding knife.
Guard text bubbles now show a progress bar.
Holding ALT in the singleplayer campaign now pauses the game (easier to read text).

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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