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 Post subject: Changes for v0.996
PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct 2016, 15:33 
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Added NAT Punchthrough, allowing players to join eachothers games without needing to forward their ports.
Integrated coop into the campaign page, allowing players to complete the campaign as a team.
Added a new option to randomly play music in PvP game modes.
Windowed mode is the new default setting, and will auto maximise when you launch Geneshift.
Renamed the PLAYER menu to UNLOCKS and rearranged it in the menu.
Added a new popup that shows the first time you view the skills menu letting you know how permanent builds work.
Added button noises in the menu.
You can now set a default position for skills, so for example you can set it so Teleportation automatically unlevels into the F1 position.
Renamed some of the respect ranks.
Changed the help menu hotkey from F12 to F10 so it doesn't conflict with the Steam screenshot key.

You can now use Warp Fields while zombie arms are on you.
Health bars now show in vehicle passenger seats.
Players can now jump at full force off vehicles (an extra 1m higher than before).

A whole bunch of tweaks to all the stealth maps.
In coop players will now respawn as wingless zombies if they die on a normal checkpoint, instead of having to just watch.
In coop players will only respawn with 50 health and 15 mana if they self kill themselves before the next bomb.
All bombs on all difficulty levels now require 50 souls instead of 100.
Zombies souls now award 2xp instead of 1xp to compensate for the above.
Coop Scaling now dynamically reduces guard damage back to normal as players die.
Hardcore guards now do 15% damage instead of 20% damage.
Insane guards now do 20% damage instead of 30% damage.
You will now passively regenerate mana in Stealth and Outbreak if you have less than 15 mana.
Rubber damage now applies to skills cast by guards.
In coop players now warp to the bomb at the start of each checkpoint (doesn't apply after an exploding bomb).
Bomb noises are now global, so you can hear players trigger/explode the bomb from the other side of the map.
A 1s warning sound plays before each checkpoint is triggered.
The XP Vial and Base Chemicals in Insane are now in the same positions as Hardcore.
Swam zombies move a little slower.
Additional guards no longer increase the regen rate in vehicles.
Guards no longer deal extra skill or weapon damage vs zombies.
360 Guards are now affected by nearby alerting guards, by applying the multiplier of their chase/view/fire ranges.
If you put guards after the last bomb as require kill, you're now required to actually kill them before stepping into the end zone.
Fixed the "bug" where guards start shooting you at close range before becoming alerted.
Guards now deal x2 damage when firing out of vehicles.
Hardcore can now get unlocked after finishing the Playful campaign.
Knife no longer has the increased hitbox size against guards.
Dropped ammo from guards and unlocks will always max out the starting clip first.
In speedruns the cash earned and damage taken values will show under the minimap when you hold TAB.

Self Repair now costs 20 mana instead of 5 mana to cast.
Self Repair healing rate is now +15/20/25/30/35 instead of +10/15/20/25/30.
Self Repair mana burn is now 3/6/9/12/15 instead of 3/7/11/15/19.

Vampirism no longer restores mana against guards.

Frenzy now increases by 0.2% vs guards and zombies instead of 0.5%.
Frenzy now costs 10 mana instead of 15 mana.

Clip Magnet now has a 30% stealing chance vs guards instead of 50%.

Shockwave goes back to 100% barrier penetration against guards (still 50% vs players).

Force Field explode range is now x1.5 larger against zombies.

Venom Shot now does x3 damage vs guards/zombies instead of x4.

Bullet Time now costs 10 mana instead of 15 mana.

Blade Fury now does x3 damage vs guards.

Energize now works on knife, allowing you to earn extra cash in stealth modes.
Energize now pays out x2 as much cash.
Energize auto energizes your knife.

Knife doesn't benefit from the increased hitbox size when victims use barrier, unlike normal guns.

Flare Gun now penetrates 2 players and guards instead of 1.

M4A1 is now silenced and won't be heard by nearby guards.

Tasers now do 100% barrier penetration against guards.

Minigun damage is now 20 instead of 24.
Minigun spread is now 8 instead of 10.

Photon Beam now has 25/50 ammo instead of 20/40.

Seek Rifle damage vs guards is now x1.75 instead of x1.
Seek Rifle damage vs zombies is now x1.75 instead of x2.
Seek Rifle now penetrates 1 zombie instead of 2.

Blast Cannon no longer throws enemy players into the air.
Blast Cannon now has x3 damage vs zombies instead of x2.

Flamethrower now has 400 clip size instead of 200 in Stealth/Outbreak.

Radar Truck no longer shows arrows to revealed enemies. They still show in the minimap and screen, but the arrows are hidden.
Radar Truck no longer shares its vision with allies.

Hornet now does x4 damage vs guards instead of x3.

Quick Pouring zombie slow is now 10% instead of 20%.

Cloner zombie slow is now 20% instead of 50%.

Toxic Bullets now works on allies.

Fixed an issue with blurry text when the window is small.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't view allied guards going Invisible.
Fixed a few graphical glitches with passengers feet in the back of the Pickup.
Seeking Target now shows properly for Bullet Time.
Fixed a bug where weapons didn't always match what you saw on the client vs what was on the server.
Fixed some shader issues in the map editor.
Fixed a bug with speedruns not showing sometimes.
Fixed a bug with stealth boss deaths not syncing up well with particles over netcode.
Fixed a crash when you try to paste with nothing in the clipboard.
Fixed a bug with window scaling on windows 10.
Fixed a bug with bullet trails on listen servers.
Fixed a crash on some nvidia cards.
Fixed a bug with maps constantly redownloading.

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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