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 Post subject: Changes for v0.995
PostPosted: Wed 06 Jan 2016, 00:59 
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By a majority vote here on the forums we have a sexy new game name - Geneshift! I really like this new name and it's a great way to rebrand the game with all the amazing new graphical improvements. Because it's a new name though a manual download is required to get the updated version, so hop onto and download it now!

3D player models!!!!!!!
3D vehicle models!!!!!!
The menu system has got a huge overhaul with new textures for all the buttons, sliders, checkboxes etc. Looks a lot neater.
I've added a proper gamma slider and the new default settings make the whole game look a lot brighter.
The lasers on guards use a new texture that looks way better than the ugly laser lines from before.
Most official maps have been tweaked with new lighting and models.
Added a sexy blood effect when you get into critical health.
Added FXAA anti-aliasing for improved performance over the old MSAA approach.
Improved texture filtering.
Updated a number of map textures with high resolution, seamless tiles.
Added a new bloom option that makes the whole map look much brighter, especially lights and bullets.

We're now very close to launching on Steam! However before I do this I have to switch all players over to demo accounts. A big launch on Steam is very important, but it can only happen if there is anticipation and hype for the release. There needs to be something new to look forward to, and it would be very silly to have the full game freely available just before the Steam launch. So now is the best time to switch to a demo system, which basically means that certain features of the game have become restricted. These features can all be unlocked when people buy the game on Steam, and this will make the Steam launch a far more exciting event!

The good news of all this is that I can start marketing again! This means we'll be playing in bigger and more active servers than ever before. Demo users can still play in Conquest QM servers and have full access to all the weapons, skills, chemicals and vehicles in the game. Really the only change you'll notice is that certain servers will be taken down, but the Conquest QM servers will be same as always and a lot more active. Good times ahead, and with this demo system in place I can start marketing properly to build hype for the launch on Steam.

The campaign leaderboards now show coop runs as well as solo runs. If 2 players play together through the entire campaign their speedrun times will be displayed in the campaign leaderboard alongside solo runs.
The Stealth leaderboards now show damage taken for the run instead of deaths.
Stealth leaderboards can now be sorted by time, cash, and damage to encourage competition in all 3 leaderboards.
The stats page in coop stealth games is now prettier and shows the same page as in the campaign, rather than the default awards page.
Players now receive a rating at the end of each Stealth round, based on how well you earn cash, avoid damage, collect unlocks and weapon accuracy.
Players now have the option to display their rank in casual servers.
A subtle new noise plays when the drawtime on your weapon is finished.
A subtle new noise plays in between shots on the Flare Gun, M3 Super, Ruger, Barrett and Photon Beam.
Added an option for the old classic sprint mode.
In Outbreak and Stealth mode players can now vote on difficulty at the end of the round with the F1, F2 and F3 keys. However 100% of players must agree on the new difficulty for it to be changed.
Guards or gangsters in cars now show a darker grey icon.

Allies now show health and mana bars!
The slow-drive feature on vehicles has been removed and replaced with an "allow jump" feature. By default vehicles will no longer fly up into the air when going off slopes, as it makes it hard to go around corners and maintain tractions. Players now have the option. If you wanna do a jump in the air, hold CTRL as you go up the ramp. Otherwise you'll hug the ground.
Bullets now fly through allies when friendly fire is disabled.
Entering a vehicle now defaults you to 360 degree seats if they are found.
Tier 1 guns in PvP now cost 50% to refill ammo instead of 25%.
Tier 2 guns in PvP (and pistols) now cost 25% to refill ammo instead of 10%.
Superweapons in PvP now cost 50% to refill ammo instead of 100%.
Slightly increased player hitboxes to match player sizes graphically.
Out of combat healing rate is now +20hp/s instead of +10hp/s.
Weapons now reload a tad faster because the don't have a cooldown after reloading anymore.
Healing and mana orbs will now show for the passive regens, but only when actively healing, not once they max out.
Vehicle on vehicle collisions now deal 66% as much damage to each vehicle as before.
Servers now default to 5 control points instead of 10, and shared instead of recapture mode, making for faster more exciting games.
Control points now capture 2x faster if they are unowned.
You can now purchase weapons from control points that you own.
Massively improved the balance of control point positions, ensuring 100% symmetry on any symmetrical map (everything besides Asylum).
Passive cash income is not awarded in the first 60s of a new round starting, letting late joiners play without a disadvantage.
Passive cash income now scales based on server and team sizes to balance and ensure each team has equal total income.
Phase jumping (holding space until you can jump 2.5m high) has been removed due to inconsistency.
Players are now bigger, with a slightly bigger hitbox.
Vehicles also have a slightly bigger hitbox.
Vehicles are now taller and have varying heights allowing you to jump over certain boxes with taller vehicles.
Barrier movement speed is now 50% instead of 40%.
When barriering your hitbox is now the size of the barrier rather than the player.

Completely reworked all the official campaign maps.
Guards can now cast skills!
Skills and mutation earned in a Stealth match no longer rolls back when you die.
Players can now join a casual stealth game halfway through a stage on the first bomb without having to wait (good for late joiners).
The number of zombie souls now increases by 50% per additional person, not 100% (eg 1p = 100, 2p = 150, 3p = 200).
You can now earn stealth combo kills against 360 guards if you kill them before they've fired at a player.
If you miss the bomb explosion you can now drop off souls at the next checkpoint for XP.
Triggering the bomb in coop now requires each living player to run into the bomb zone once. However once an individual enters the bomb zone they no longer need to stay in there permanently. They are free to explore the map. Once all players have entered the bomb zone the next stage will start. The bomb will automatically trigger after a certain amount of time however to prevent AFK and griefing players.
Guards now more a lot more organically and will take cover in combat.
Vehicle explosions now deal x2 damage vs guards.
Vehicle ramming now deals x2 damage vs guards.
Zombie humans now deal 200 damage vs vehicles, not 20,000 (lololol).
Zombies now deal x2 damage vs vehicles, not x2.5 damage.
In general guards with orange lasers will no longer be able to hear gunshot or footstep noises. Purple laser dudes will. Easier to intuitively know the guards behaviour and works better for most puzzles.
Allied guards no longer alert enemy guards if they step into the field of view. They will shoot at eachother but remain unalerted, allowing you to get stealth kills.
Guards typically won't suffer sprint delay.
Chemicals placed in previous stages will now be saved when you reach a new checkpoint. If you die only chemicals placed during that stage are deleted, but all previously placed chemicals will remain. This is more consistent with the permanent base-building idea in PvP.
Added a new guard head type for guards with less than 100hp.
When scientist guards kill rebel guards you now earn cash and kill combos, but only if a human player has dealt some damage to the guard.
Right clicking to ping won't affect AI.
Changed the way guard vertical vision works. You can now jump over lasers as their vertical view is only 1.5m isntead of 5m. However if you go under a laser no matter what the height you will be spotted. Now for all ranges, you can go over lasers but not under them.
Persistent guards will refill their health on each new stage.
Rebel guards will now shoot through eachother, no longer blocking eachothers bullets when bunched up.
Grenade's noise range is now 30m instead of 40m.
Dead players can still earn cash in coop games.
Guards will no longer hear your "footsteps" if you're in a vehicle.
Zombies can now walk on non-zombie collision tiles as set in the map editor but only if their target enemy is themselves hiding on one of these tiles. Normally they'll walk around these tiles but you can no longer camp on a tile like this and be invulnerable.
Exploding vehicles will now cause guards to look at the noise, just like grenade explosions.
Guards turning speed after being hit is now 150 instead of 160 degrees/s (bit easier to stealth kill from behind).
Most guards have their rubberbanding switched over to less accuracy than less damage, it should work out roughly the same, hopefully slightly easier.
Rubber banding no longer applies against barrier.
Zombies do a bit less damage and have a rate of fire of 20 instead of 30.
Exploding zombies have an explosion radius of 3m instead of 4m.
Ranged zombies have an explosion radius of 4m instead of 5m, shoot every 10s instead of every 6s, but their pellets travel twice as fast in the air (hopefully easier to dodge).
Chemicals are now coloured so you know what you're about to pick up.
Guards can now be configured to show a health bar.

Separated the map tile texture from the decals texture as I'm running out of space.
Map makers can now configure the type of zombies (jumper, shooter, exploder) on their bombs for more variety.
Added a new option to make persistent guards respawn on each new stage if they or the player dies. This way you can create a companion who follows you around for the entire round.
Text zones can now use the bomb filter and player/difficulty filters to prevent text as well as music from triggering.
Text zones can now disable other text zones when they're triggered, allowing you to stop conversations between guards when one of those guards takes damage.
Guards now have a separate chase range against players who have damaged them. It defaults to x2 the range.
Text bubbles now show over the selected text zone to display exactly how it will look in game.
Persistent guards now persist up until a certain bomb which can be configured. When this bomb is triggered the guard will stop persisting. Set to bomb 99 or something to ensure they stay alive the entire round.
Added a new text zone option that allows guards to hold position when following you. Useful to put just before a tripwire or something.
Added option for left vs right handed guards.
Added option for blonde vs brunette guards.
Added the option to give guards capes and bandanas.
Added a filter to only show 1 type of stealth zone at a time. This makes things easier to see in complcated maps.
Decal height and depth is now a text box instead of a slider, allowing for more precision.
Added a new text zone option to only trigger on zombies.
Made the way to place guard waypoints more intuitive.
Added the ability to make guards barrier and sprint.
Text Zones can now trigger map phase lighting.
Particles created with particle zones can now emit dynamic lighting.
Particles now have an offset timer to shift the starting spawn time of particles.
Particles now have a configuable gravity value independant of bouncing.
Stealth objects can be configured to not show the help pop-up, good for community maps.
Particles can now be linked to turn on and off when text zones are triggered. You can set custom delay time's on both the text and particle zones.
Particle zones can now be set to start in either an on or an off state.
Particle zones can now cause screen shake when a new particle is spawned.
Text Zones can now become reactivated after a certain period of time.
Text Zone triggers can now be filtered so they only apply if the player/guard is inside a vehicle at the time.
Text Zones can now set a waypoint ID to force guards to stop what they're doing and immediately (or after a set delay) move to the specifed waypoint. This can be used to make guards stop following you, or make them hurry up to a future waypoint if they're following you too slowly.
Guards can now have rubber band damaging disabled when you need to deal exact damage values.
Guards now have a "require kill" option which defaults on for Rebels and off for Scientists. This lets you make some Rebels you don't need to kill, or Scientists who become traitors who you do need to kill.
Guards now have a new waypoint option to betray their team and start attacking their allies.
Guards now have a new waypoint option which makes them immune to player damage, good for use during story sequences to avoid the player killing dudes too early.
Guards can now be configured to automatically chat or not (scientists will say stuff when you friendly fire them, and alerting guards will say "enemy spotted" if they are alerted).
Guards can be configured to not be attacked by other guards.
Text Zones can now trigger other text zones and can set a timer for when the text zone will be triggered. This gives a LOT more power. You can now have one guard get hit, which triggers a zone, which is made to trigger another zone and make another guard talk. This couldn't be done before. It couldn't be DONE!
Particle Zones can now be linked to spawn other particle zones from the particle position. You can now create a flying rock which leave behind a trail of smoke puffs for example.
Guards can now set a multiplier that determines how they prioritize attacking enemy guards vs players.
Bombs can now set how long the zombie swarm lasts for (44s syncs up perfectly with the music!).
Bombs can now set an additional speed modifier for swarm zombies.
Zombie zones can now be configured to specific bombs isntead of relying purely on distance.
Filters for difficulty and bomb can now be applied to prevent the display and interaction of guards, objects and text zones.
Text Zones now have an option to cover the entire map, making them less cluttered.
Added convenience options to delete and/or reposition existing text zones and guard zones.
Added 4 global damage multipliers in the settings page to adjust guard damage in all 4 difficulties.
Guards can now be configured how much they prioritize players vs enemy guards.
Added an option for guards to alert other guards or not.
Added a waypoint option for guards to see players and guards separately.
Added a new waypoint option for guards to take no damage from players and from bots.
Text Zones can now award all scientists cash when they're triggered, allowing you to create little side missions (eg, hostage rescue missions).
Text Zones can now be configured to start in an off state.
Text Zones can now be triggered when guards are killed (as opposed to merely damaged).
Text Zones can be given special filters to only trigger if other text zones are also triggered (or not triggered).
Guards can now be given a custom view height once they are alerted. It defaults to 7m. This determines the height of walls and boxes they can see players over.
360 guards can now have a configurable view range. A new checkbox called "Always Alerted" now determines if guards behave like 360 guards, not setting the view range to 0.
Guard alert range can now be configured per difficulty level.
A new "standard hearing" checkbox has been added to make the hearing behave standard across all difficulty levels for different alert ranges.
Fog effects now only show in the fog menu, in other menus it is hidden as it's too hard to see what you're working on.
Added a new dropdown to choose the team colour of all the players in the game. You can play as Scientist, Rebel, Merc, White, Black or Blue.
Added a new dropdown to set the shirt colour and a separate one for the text colour of guards. You can set these colours to Scientist, Rebel, Merc, White, Black or Blue.
Added a new "stripe" graphic which can be used on guards with a configurable hue (like the cape and bandana). This adds a little stripe on both shoulder pads and lets you make certain guards seem more important.
Added a new text zone option which prevents text from showing if something else is already in the queue.
Chemicals can now be placed directly into the map without needing to be planted. They are shared by all players.
Added a Rubber Recoil option that will make guards have less accuracy when the player is performing poorly. This can be used with or without the Rubber damage option (which nerfs the guards damage instead).
Added a "Shoot At Walls" option for guards to hold down the trigger and keep firing even when you're behind a wall.
Added a Fire Pattern option for guards which let you specify an attack pattern for holding down the trigger. For example a pattern like 0.5-1-2-2 will cause the guard to fire for half a second, then not fire for 1s, then fire for 2s, then not fire for 2s. Then the pattern will repeat when they next start firing.
Text zones can now be configured to block the movement players, guards, zombies and vehicles. They will block as long as the text zone is active, which means you can create doors and certain restricted areas.
Decals can be toggled on or off with text zones.
You can now configure enemy guards to fight against eachother based on their different text colours.
You can now configure an additional damage multiplier for guards attacking other guards.
Lead Targets is now a variable value instead of an on/off. 0 is none at all, 1 = perfect, 0.5 or 1.5 is a bit off in either direction.
Added controls to configure if guards take cover and for how long.
Added a new chase range behaviour to limit a guard to only chase and take cover within range of the current waypoint, rather than range of his current position.
Added plenty of options to give guards skills and customize how and when they cast them.
Added a new waypoint option to enable/disable the automatic casting of skills.
Added a new waypoint option to instantly cast a specific skill. It is a 4 digit code like 5-0-15-1 where the numbers correspond to skillID-delayTime-targetRange-toggleOn.
The map editor now saves settings from map to map, instead of resetting the defaults each time you load it up.
Added a few buttons to set default guard settings.
Added a new helmet colour setting that puts a coloured star on top of a guards helmet.
Colour values can now range from 1 to 300, where 1 to 255 is the hue and 256 to 300 is a brightness value, so you can set a black bandana by setting the value to 256.
Particles can now be triggered on and by specific guards, allowing for shweet boss death animations.
Guards can now be given rectangular vision and fire ranges. This lines up with the rectangular screen of the player better.
Guards can now have configurable hearing ranges for gun and footstep noises.
Guards can now be given a minimum health barrier to prevent them from dying (unless killed via a text zone).
Guards can now be given a preferred seat in vehicles.

Warp Fields can only teleport to the next bomb in Stealth mode.

Alchemic Acid can now only award cash for 3 weapons in Stealth mode before expiring.
Alchemic Acid can now only be purchased once per round in Stealth mode.

Bionic Gas will now show health and mana orbs when actively regenerating, but not once the hp/mana is maxed out.

Capturers now cost an extra $10,000 ($20k from base, $25k from spawn), but they refund $10,000 if you die while holding one. The price is doubled to balance out the default server setting of half as many control points (5 instead of 10). The refund ensures that the total risk and loss remains at $10k and isn't too painful at $20k.

Flash Bang now flashes at 100% intensity regardless of the direction players are looking, making it much easier to use.
Flash Bang range is now 30m instead of 40m.
Flash Bang duration is now 3s instead of 4s.

Bazooka damage is now 60 instead of 50.
Bazooka vehicle damage is now 600 instead of 500 (enough to 1-shot a Buggie).
Bazooka movement speed is now 0.8 instead of 0.7.
Bazooka draw time is now 0.3s instead of 0.75s.
Bazooka bullet speed is now 50 instead of 45.

USP now has 10 clips in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 6.

Deagle now has 10 clips in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 6.

Flare Gun now has 10 clips in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 6.
Flare Gun now does 30 damage instead of 50 damage.
Flare Gun fire duration is now 4s instead of 3s.
Flare Gun bullet speed is now 100 instead of 80.
Flare Gun rpm is now 50 instead of 45.
Flare Gun reload time is now 2s instead of 1.5s (but effectively it's gone from 2.9s to 2s).
Flare Gun now penetrates 1 player and 1 guard instead of 0.

M3 Super reload time is now 2s instead of 2.6s.
M3 Super now has 6 clips in PvP instead of 10.
M3 Super move speed is now 0.92 instead of 0.9.
M3 Super bullet speed is now 80 instead of 70.
M3 Super damage is now 112 instead of 108.
M3 Super range is now 25m instead of 22m.

Spas reload time is now 1.5s instead of 1.3s (but effectively it's gone from 1.6 to 1.5s).
Spas now has 6 clips in PvP instead of 10.
Spas move speed is now 0.95 instead of 0.92.
Spas bullet speed is now 80 instead of 70.
Spas clip size is now 12 instead of 10.

UZI bullet speed is now 60 instead of 55.
UZI draw time is now 0.6s instead of 0.65s.

MP5 recoil is now 1 instead of 0.9.

AK47 now has 10 clips in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 6.
AK47 damage multiplier vs zombies is now x1.2 instead of x1.5.
AK47 draw time is now 0.6 instead of 0.75.

M4A1 now has 10 clips in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 6.
M4A1 no longer pieces zombies.
M4A1 damage is now 19 instead of 20.

SAW now has 4 clips in both PvP and Stealth mode instead of 10 and 3.
SAW recoil is now 0.6 instead of 0.5.
SAW damage is now 22 instead of 23.

M60 now has 4 clips ins both PvP and Stealth mode instead of 10 and 3.

Ruger rpm is now 100 instead of 120.
Ruger clip size is now 8 instead of 10.
Ruger spread is 0 instead of 0.3 at STM's constant insistence :p
Ruger bullet speed is now 160 instead of 170.
Ruger reload time has effectively changed from 2.6s to 2.5s.
Ruger movement speed is now 0.95 instead of 0.88.
Ruger now has 6 clips in both outbreak and PvP modes.
Ruger vehicle damage multiplier is now x2.0 instead of x1.0.

Barrett bullet speed is now 180 instead of 220.
Barrett draw time is now 0.75s instead of 1s.
Barrett reload time is now 2.5s instead of 2s (but effectively it's gone from 3.5s to 2.5s).
Barrett now has 6 clips in both outbreak and PvP modes.
Barrett vehicle damage multiplier is now x2.5 instead of x2.

Tasers now do 24 instead of 22 damage.
Tasers now have 50 ammo in PvP instead of 100.
Tasers now have 100 in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 200.
Tasers now only penetrate 50% barrier instead of 100%.

Blast Cannon damage is now 52 instead of 48.

Seek Rifle now has 100 ammo in Stealth mode instead of 200.
Seek Rifle rpm is now 300 instead of 360.

Minigun now has 150 bullets in PvP instead of 100.
Minigun now has 300 bullets in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 500.
Minigun damage is now 24 instead of 28.
Minigun spread is now 10 instead of 12.

Photon Beam bullet speed is now 220 instead of 250.
Photon Beam draw time is now 0.75s instead of 1s.
Photon Beam movement speed is 0.9 instead of 0.85.
Photon Beam now has 40 bullets in Stealth/Outbreak instead of 100.
Photon Beam vehicle damage multiplier is now x3 instead of x2.
Photon Beam movement recoil is now 0 instead of 1.

Flame thrower damage is now 8 instead of 7.

All vehicles are a bit bigger due to the new 3D models.
All vehicles now have a predicatable flaming (25%) and smoking (50%) health cutoff, so you know how much hp is left.
When vehicles start smoking they move at 80% speed and flaming at 40% speed, the only exception to this is Hornet, which suffers 60% smoke speed and 20% flaming speed.

Loafer is faster in terms of acceleration and max speed.
Loafer boost duration is now 5s instead of 10s.
Loafer now rolls quite a bit further when you hop out of the car.

Buggie now has 4 seats instead of 2.

Gallant mass is now 2000kg instead of 1500kg.
Gallant now has 150% boost intensity instead of 140%.
Gallant now only takes 30% collision damage instead of 50%.

Pickup top speed is now a little faster.

Roadster now has 1000hp instead of 800hp.
Roadster mass is now 1000kg instead of 1300kg.

Camper now has 6 seats instead of 4.

Radar Truck max hp is now 400hp instead of 600hp.
Radar Truck reveal range is now 20m instead of 30m.
Radar Truck will only make a woowoowoo noise if you have direct LOS to it, allowing you to hide it behind walls.

Hornet now does x3 damage vs guards.
Hornet reload time is now 5s instead of 8s.
Hornet now uses the same seek targeting system as Seek Rifle, Bullet Time and Venom Shot.
Hornet's flaming point is now 25% instead of 50%, increasing its effective hitpoints.

Vampirism health regen now ranges from 10% to 50% instead of 15% to 75%.
Vampirism health regen vs guards is now 3/4/5/6/7% and mana regen is 1/2/3/4/5%.
Vampirism now heals off of knife damage.

Bloody Gains no longer requires Vampirism.
Bloody Gains sprint speed is now 130/125/120/115/110 instead of 140/135/130/125/120.
Bloody Gains max health is now 130/140/150/160/170 instead of 140/145/150/155/160.

Frenzy rof caps at 150% instead of 200%.
Frenzy rof gains at 0.5% instead of 1%.
Frenzy mana burn now ranges from 3 mana/s to 1 mana/s instead of 5 mana/s to 1 mana/s.
Frenzy no longer reduces after 10s.
Frenzy mana cost is now 15 instead of 10.

Clip Magnet now has a 50% stealing chance against guards.

Force Fields incoming damage is now 10% instead of 20%.
Force Fields now suffer from bullet pushback and sprint stun.
Force Fields now deal x1.5 damage vs guards.
Force Fields mana cost is now 15 instead of 20.
Force Fields explosion can now be triggered in that last 1.5s, not the last 1.0s.

Bouncing Bullets incoming damage now ranges from 20% to 40% instead of 30% to 50%.
Bouncing Bullets seeking is now 150 degrees/s instead of 200 degrees/s.

Final Focus now works on a percentage of max health and triggers when you go below 30/40/50/60/70%.
Final Focus recoil now ranges from 10/15/20/25/30% instead of 10% at all levels.

Radiate no longer works on areas of the map where the decal doesn't slow (for example you cast it near a slope and the decal disappears under the slope, enemies won't get damaged if they're standing up higher on the slope).
Radiate radius is now increased by 1m for all levels to 6/8/10/12/14m.
Radiate now expands over time giving players a slight chance to escape damage, where the radius starts at 50% size and expands outwards at 12m/s.
Radiate mana cost is now 15 instead of 20.
Radiate cooldown is now 6/7/8/9/10s instead of 6/8/10/12/14s.

Parasite Swarm has been completely removed from the game and replaced with a new skill, Mana Leech!
Mana Leech fires 3 bloodsucking parasites that steal mana from any enemies they hit. This reduces your enemy's mana while increasing your own.
Mana Leech is an active skill and the parasites can penetrate infinite players, but do not penetrate guards or zombies.
Mana Leech's penalty is that you will immediately lose 30hp health when you cast Mana Leech (capped at 1hp).
Mana Leech will gain mana at 10/20/30/40/50 mana per enemy the parasites hit.
Mana Leech will burn enemy mana at 50/40/30/20/10 mana for each enemy hit.
Mana Leech's mana cost is 5 and cooldown is 5s.

Assault Armor overheal now lasts 1s instead of 5s, and fades down at 1000hp/s instead of 100hp/s (effectively instantly).
Assault Armor mana cost is now 15 instead of 20.

Regeneration health regen now ranges from +2 hp/s to +10 hp/s instead of +3 hp/s to +15 hp/s.
Regeneration now has a new penalty. It no longer removes your health after each kill, it instead reduces your max mana to 90/80/70/60/50.
Regeneration range against guards is now 8m and heals at 50% against guards.

Invisibility no longer allows you to hold barrier.
Invisibility now shows a small light green circle around nearby enemies to let them know you're nearby. The range is 8m.

Teleportation mana costs are now 10 mana less at all levels: 30/25/20/15/10.

Blade Fury now costs 15 mana instead of 25 mana.
Blade Fury now cooldown is now 10s instead of 15s.
Blade Fury now does 2x damage vs guards.

Spike Trap now deals 40hp damage instead of 50hp damage.
Spike Trap now deals 200hp damage vs vehicles instead of 150hp damage.
Spike Trap now does 2x damage vs guards.

Venom Shot's penalty now causes enemies to seek with +15 degree/s instead of deal 130% bullet damage.
Venom duration is now 3/5/7/9/11s instead of 2/4/6/8/10s.
Venom Shot now does x4 damage vs guards and zombies.

Infection had a bug that made it OP, which has now been fixed. You now take less poison damage if you step into an older infection (close to fading).

Black Hole cooldown is now 10s instead of 8s.
Black Hole duration is now 4s instead of 5s.
Black Hole seeking penalty is now +50 degrees/s instead of +30 degrees/s but no longer continues to increase when bullets are in the Black Hole.

Darkness has been massively reworked and renamed to Smoke Bomb.
Smoke Bomb throws a smoke bomb on the ground when you cast Black Hole. If you or any enemies walk into this smoke cloud your screen will fade to black.
Smoke Bomb durations are 6/5/4/3/2s.
Smoke Bomb ranges are 6/9/12/15/18m.

Self Repair will now heal nearby enemies as well as nearby allies.
Self Repair movement speed is now 50% instead of 40%.

Bullet Time can now be toggled off immediately instead of having to wait for the cooldown, allowing for instant Stolen Seekers.
Bullet Time doesn't completely disable if you go invis or hop in a vehicle. It will temporarily disable but return immediately once valid again, instead of disabling entirely forcing you to wait for the cooldown.
Bullet Time cooldown is now 5s instead of 3s.

Plasma penalty now causes you to take 130% incoming weapon damage for 3s instead of increasing enemy bullet seek for 4s.
Plasma no longer does a minimum of 10hp damage per ball.
Plasma speed is now 15/25/35/45/55 instead of 20/25/30/35/40.
Plasma cooldown is now fixed at 4s at all levels instead of ranging from 5 to 1s.
Plasma damage multiplier against zombies is now x20 instead of x10.
Plasma damage multiplier against vehicles is now x5 instead of x10.
Plasma damage multiplier against guards is now x1.5 instead of x1.

Fire Storm no longer works on a chance to cast more balls. Instead Fire Storm now fires a fixed 2/3/4/5/6 plasma balls.
Fire Storm's extra balls now deal 30% as much damage as the original.

Static Charges gains 1 mana against players and 0.5 mana against guards instead of 2.
Static Charges gives enemies 0.2 mana/s instead of 1 mana/s per charge.
Static Charges now awards a new charge for every 14/12/10/8/6 damage you deal instead of 20/17/14/11/8.
Static Charges now works against Force Fields and players in 360 vehicle seats.

Energize now awards a small amount of cash whenever you kill an enemy player, gangster or guard. The cash bonus is equal to the current bullet speed, so for example if the Energize level is 130% then you will receive +$30 per kill. This is mostly to buff Energize during Stealth mode as you'll make lots of cash dowwwwlah from all those sexy guards.

Phasic Bullets now penetrates infinite guards.
Phasic Bullets now does full damage after piercing guards/zombes, it only reduces to 70% against players.

Shockwave cooldown is now 2/3/4/5/6 instead of 1/3/5/7/9.
Shockwave now has infinite vertical height.
Shockwave now only penetrates 50% barrier, not 100%.
Shockwave now lingers in the air for 0.5s instead of 0.65s (for freezing bullets).

Microvolt size is now lower by 5% for all levels: 80/75/70/65/60%,

Lasing Orb no longer works when you're in a vehicle (for dragging, healing and shooting).
Lasing Orb barrier speed is now 200/175/150/125/100%.
Lasing Orb no longer requires Static Charges.
Lasing Orb mana cost is now 30 instead of 20.

Fixed a segmentation fault with linux.
Fixed a bug where a player joining during a zombie phase would increase the soul count but not be able to spawn. The soul count now stays the same.
Fixed a bug where text zones affected music when they shouldn't.
Quick controls box no longer overlaps map voting box.
Fixed a bug with extraction truck not showing colours in the minimap.
Fixed a bug with ammo reloading.
Flashbang now hides arrows in the HUD.
Fixed a bug with alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode.
Fixed a bug to allow guards to have more than 180 vision.
Fixed a bug with Plasma Ball overshooting its target.
Fixed a few bugs with leader pinging of guards.
Stopped guards from having a disco party when they try to bunch up in the same location.
Fixed a weird bug with waypoints in maps which were taller then they were wide.
Fixed a bug where Knickers would keep running back to spawn.
Fixed a bug where swarm zombies wouldn't grab respawning players.
Fixed a bug where the AI couldn't aim at guards in Flatbed properly.
Fixed a bug with cash values showing up in pacman.
Fixed a bug with extraction truck not showing occupied on minimap.
Fixed a bug with guards getting blocked by cars.
Fixed a bug with guards leaving cars when you switch to seat 2.
Fixed a bug with Frenzy points.
Fixed a bug where holding down a skill key would cause it to cast on the server but not on the client.
Fixed a bug with chemicals not showing in Stealth.
Fixed a bug with hit registration of knife against guards.
Improved a few issues with sounds playing too loudly.
Fixed a bug where specularity wouldn't work on scaled objects.
Fixed a bug with aspect ratio being wrong.

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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