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 Post subject: Quick Guide to PvP in Geneshift!
PostPosted: Wed 15 Mar 2017, 21:51 
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Welcome to my Quick Guide on playing Geneshift in the PvP arena!
This guide covers all that you really need to know to play the game without too much reading.
I won't be covering things like how to change your controls or join a lobby, only in-game gameplay.

How to Play
    WASD to move.
    Spacebar to jump.
    Ctrl to Barrier(crouch + mana shield)
    E to Interact.
    B to Buy.
    X to switch hands.
    Enter to Chat.
    T for Teamspeak.
    ALT for HUD.
Shoot anyone who is red or wearing a different colour from you.
If you don't take damage, you will autoheal after 10s.

Choosing a Gun
From left to right: Explosives, Incendiary, Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, MGs, Snipers.
Weapons are generally arranged by cost: $1000, $3000 & $10,000 respectively from top to bottom.
    SMGs: Close-mid range; good for rushing.
    Shotguns: Point blank; good for ambush.
    Rifles: Mid-long range; accurate but low DPS.
    MGs: Middle range; effective against cars.
    Snipers: Long range; deals more damage over range.
$1000 guns are generally hard to control, while $3000 guns are easier to use.
If you can't seem to hit anything, try using Barrier(Ctrl).

Using your Skills
To level up your skills, hold ALT and left click the icons at the top.
You get extra "synergy points" every 10 levels in one tree, which you spend with ALT+RMB(right-click).
Cast skills by pressing [RMB], or the number keys [1 to 5].
There's a lot of skills and it can be tedious to read/figure everything out.
So here are 3 simple builds I recommend, deviate from them at your own risk:

Physical - the Warrior
Leveling: Vampirism 3, Frenzy 2 -> Clip Magnet 2 -> Bloody Gains 2 -> Final Focus 3+1.
  • This build works by using Vampirism for lifesteal, coupled with Frenzy for increased DPS.
  • Just right-click when you see an enemy, and then right-click again when all enemies are dead.
  • Clip Magnet lets you regain ammo when you hit an enemy. Bloody Gains makes you fat.
  • Final Focus lets you suffer less recoil when you take sufficient damage.
Just turn on Frenzy and charge at your enemy. Don't fight in mazes as enemies can see you past walls when Frenzy is enabled.

Mental - the Rogue
Leveling: Regeneration 3, Venom Shot 2 -> Invisibility 2, Dash 2 -> Disabling Drop 1 -> Teleportation 2, Regeneration +1.
  • This is a versatile build lets you run & shoot as you please without suffering noticeable drawbacks.
  • Regeneration heals & warns you when there's an enemy near you.
  • Venom Shot is a homing projectile used to track/harass enemy players from a distance, but makes their bullets homing.
  • Invisibility & Dash are used to sneak around, but enemies will be warned if you get too near them.
Basically just hit & run your enemies. Try not to get involved in direct firefights.

Cybernetic - the Mage
Leveling: Self Repair 3, Energize 2 -> Shockwave 3 -> Phasic Bullets 3 -> Static Charges 1, Shockwave +1.
  • This is a mostly a support build, healing teammates while shooting at enemies from mid-long range.
  • Self Repair to heal yourself and nearby players. Energize for faster bullet speed & making your dropped gun last longer on the ground.
  • Shockwave can freeze bullets, area-check & weaken the enemy's Barrier, but don't spam it as it makes the enemy take less damage.
  • Phasic Bullets make the bullets bounce off walls, which is helpful around corners/walls.
Find high ground & shoot from a distance. Barrier helps a lot for this build. Remember to go around healing your teammates.

Capturing with Chemicals
Chemicals are basically permanent, invisible wards you can place on the ground for various effects.
You only need to know 2 chemicals for this guide: Base Chemical and Capturer.
  1. Base Chemical is a buyzone; stand on top of it and press B. You'll need it to buy other chemicals at a lower price.
  2. You must use Capturers on control points. Other chemicals can be placed anywhere you like.
  3. There are 5 control points. Find them and capture them all to win the game.
To place chemicals, simply press 'C' over a desired location.
Be warned that while carrying a chemical, you'll become a priority target & cannot use certain skills.
To buy a capturer, the team as a whole need to earn a certain amount of cash to fill a green bar just below the minimap. When its full, you may buy a capturer for 5k. Teammates holding a capturer will show up as green on the minimap; be sure to help them out!

Driving with Cars
Of course, it can be difficult to get around a large map while carrying a chemical. That's what cars are for!
    Press E to enter/exit vehicle.
    Press [1-8] to change seats.
    Hold [Shift] or [RMB] to boost.
If a car takes too much damage, it'd catch fire. Be sure to exit or you'll either burn alive or get blown up!
Remember: if you have trouble destroying enemy cars, consider using an MG to destroy it.

And that's all you need to know! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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 Post subject: Re: Quick Guide to PvP in Geneshift!
PostPosted: Thu 16 Mar 2017, 00:02 
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Looking good so far man. A super simple guide is going to be really useful for new players I think. Not too much reading. Vehicles are pretty self explanatory, but you could just mention a few dot points for their most common uses (general combat speed and protection, using them to conceal chemical smoke, using them to barricade bullets when capturing points, using them to zoom into the enemy base to capture the flag).

And chemicals of course need explaining as well. Not each one specifically (I wouldn't bother explaining cloner for example), but certainly the basic concept of them being permanent, invisible, long-term investements. And also the basic meta-game of deducing where they are and how to neutralize. Plus capturing of course.

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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