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 Post subject: 1.08: Phase Shifting, Car Boosting and AI Driving!
PostPosted: Sun 18 Mar 2018, 04:59 
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Self Driving Cars
Step aside Google, Geneshift now has self driving cars! That's right, cars can now be driven by bots. This has allowed me to add a bunch of cool new sections to the campaign, including escort missions, chase sequences and general man vs car combat. Get your bazookas ready cause you'll have a lot of cars to shoot! Check out this sweet totally unscripted gif:


Phase Shifting
Why walk when you can run? Why run when you can shift!? I've added a great new feature called Phase Shfting that makes movement way more tactical. Simply tap the shift key and you will now blink forward in an instant, dodging enemy grenades, escaping to cover, or charging in at your enemy with a knife. In PvP each player has 3 shifts, and can use them all up to get instant bursts of speed. After using a shift it will take 2 seconds to replenish, so you need to time them well.

This new system is a lot of fun, and best of all, the title "GeneSHIFT" finally makes sense, as shifting is now a key mechanic in the game.


Car Boosting
Ok so we already had car boosting, but now it LOOKS awesome. Like actual fire comes out the back of your car. I've also made the boost mechanic a lot tighter. Your boost bar only lasts 3s now, but you get some real speed because of it. This is better than the old boost which lasted forever but barely increased your speed at all. That was more of a general speed increase, but now boosting really feels like a tactical maneuver. It sounds awesome too.


Downtown Reworks
This version continues the slow but steady polishing of the campaign. Downtown (map 3) now joins Laboratory and Subway as being fully polished up with all the new features I've added over the last few versions. It focuses especially on vehicle combat using the new AI driving, and starts with a very groovy escort mission. In fact escort missions are now actually possible, as you can now fail a stage when AI characters die. This allowes for timed challenges and a bunch of other fun things.

Anyway that's all for this version. Have fun and please give me feedback here or in Discord:

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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