Version 0.994 released! Introducing Stealth mode!
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Author:  bencelot [ Tue 05 Jan 2016, 05:11 ]
Post subject:  Version 0.994 released! Introducing Stealth mode!

A new version is out and it's a big one! This version introduces Mutant Faction's first ever singleplayer game mode - Stealth. In Stealth you battle against enemy guards and zombies to complete the level and indeed complete the story. Stealth plays unlike any other mode in Mutant Factions. It has puzzles, it has music, it has a story, it has items exploration, it even has guards that speak to you! You run around and find items, permanently unlocking them on your account and then use these items to take out the enemy guards. You can play it singleplayer in the new Campaign mode or play online in co-op servers. This version includes 3 complete stages and next version I'll release 7 more. Until then you can make your own stealth maps in the map editor and please provide as much feedback on this new mode as possible. It's a whole new game and I'm very excited to play it with you!

One thing you might want to do is play through the first 3 stages in the campaign with a friend. Find someone who hasn't played through the maps before and play them coop in order, Laboratory01, Subway02 and then Downtown03. Start on Standard difficulty because Hardcore/Insane expect that you've unlocked certain items first, they'll be too hard otherwise. Let me know how it goes!

In other news I've made a whole bunch of other changes including a big graphics update, performance improvements, bug fixes, balancing and plenty more general improvements here and there. As usual check the changelog for details. But the main focus of this version is the new Stealth mode so hop online and check it out! Have fun and have a happy new year :D


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