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 Post subject: [ICNLS]
PostPosted: Tue 18 Aug 2015, 21:44 
Gobbling Turkey
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I AM JUBILEE FEELINGS TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY CLAN OF [Current Game Name]. I will call it, the Introvertic Coalition of No Life Scum. ICNLS. Have a fear of commitment? No worries! We take great pride in realizing no one cares about us. Fear of losing credibility? No worries! Just multiply the amount of [insertCensorship] by 0! I'm telling you, you have nothing to lose by being here! And once you've taken us for all our retirement wellfare, you can leave the nest and FLY LIKE A MAGESTIC PUTIN.

To be a welcome mat for any newbies feeling unloved and undeserving of attention from big time players.
To create a helpful and prideless environment to nurture anyone into an effective killer. I mean, sociopath.
To watch baby seal clubbing. But don't participate, that's frowned upon by baby seals and national guard.
Destroy the world.

0.991. Don't be a dick.
0.992. Change your clan tag to ICNLS in the in-game login.
0.993. Be able to communicate via a written language. Perhaps redundant in light of 0.9931.
0.9931. Post in this forum. Anywhere. As long as it's understandable.
0.994. Enjoy!
0.995. By agreeing to these rules the hereby designated forum posted clan joined account yields all ownership to their finances, firstborn child, soul, and ability to join any other clan. Violation of this rule will invoke clause 0.995B, authorized and enforced by the Légion Étrangère.

[TG]; Friendlyishkindofcallmemaybe. I like em. Beware the fish.
[KFC]; Underpriced grease on ded bird. A must have for every clan meeting.
[PoE]; It's a good game. Spike is best dragon.

(Why remake what's already provided?)
Steam group; Requires more people.

Recognized Member List
RNGesus, our less-than-almighty mascot diety.
Asterparity, here in's founder
cyberneticpony (He just doesn't know it yet)

Useful forum posts;
Welcome to MF:
Capturing in Chemical Warfare:
Lots of important words; [REDACTED]


DISCLAIMER; Thoust hereith claim I grammer and spelling to be of that which is not of or in but as with above most yet least excellent sarcastic. Not yours, my. IE; dibs.

I do have a life. I'm just trying really hard to not have one.

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 Post subject: Re: [ICNLS]
PostPosted: Tue 18 Aug 2015, 22:09 
Geneshift Creator
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Sounds good man. The more clans the merrier!

Creator of Geneshift and Nik Nak Studios. Hope you enjoy the game!

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