Turbo Fast Rounds

More Epic Showdowns!

GTA2-Inspired Mayhem!

Geneshift is a GTA-inspired top-down shooter with insane vehicle action. Do drive-by shootings, detonate car bombs, and run your enemies over.

Play game modes such as Battle Royale, Conquest and Capture the Flag. Then save the world with up to 4 friends in the online co-op Campaign!

Turbo Fast Rounds!

Unlike other battle royales, Geneshift's rounds lasts only 3 minutes. There's always another chance to be the last man standing.

If you die you can keep playing as a zombie and loot for the next round. Or kill a living player to revive and get a second chance!

Unlock Superpowers!

Level up and unlock over 100 tactical items and special abilities. Experiment with different skill combos to create unique play-styles.

Freeze bullets mid-air with Shockwave, stalk your enemies with Invisibility, and land that perfect killing shot with Plasma Ball!

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